What Is Interior Design And Decor?

What does ‘interior design’ really mean? If you ask Joe Bloggs on the street he will probably answer: “Well, you know, ornaments, cushions, sofas, candles, that sort of thing.” But it is so much more!

Interior design is: “An art form where an interior design architect or other person taking on the role of interior designer uses different pieces of furniture, colour, ornaments and other objects to decorate and furnish a room in a dwelling or other inteior space.”

The most common forms of interior design are home decor, office decor, shop interior design and hotel interiors, although other forms also exist.

Home decor

When we use the word ‘decor’ in decor blogs, we generally mean home decor. Home decor has several sub-categories, including bathroom decor, kitchen decor, living room decor and so on.

The idea behind home decor is that you should decorate your own home according to your own tastes – preferably using inspiration from inredningsvis.se

Home staging companies (also called home stylists) decorate homes with fine but often neutral taste, so that the residence can achieve the highest possible sale price.

Office decor

Due to the fact that most office workers spend more than 1500 hours at the office every year, the office environment is extremely important. Desks and chairs must be ergonomically suited to each individual worker and the entire work space must be inspiring. Even meeting rooms can be optimized for increased ease of use and comfort.

The first impressions experienced by customers and clients at the workplace has a large impact on the overall image of a company. Investing in the right decor in a reception area can be the difference between deal or no deal.

With the right office decor, everyone feels better at work and productivity is increased.

Shop decor

Sales are affected to a huge extent by the inteior design of a shop. Therefore, the appearance of a shop must mirror the company vision, brands, status, and ideals. An electronics chain store will have completely different decor needs compared to those of a store specializing in high fashion.

Stylists working with shop decor generally work using the following plan: Brief and needs analysis, design of concept, purhase of furniture/ornaments and/or design of new prototypes, delivery and fitting.

Hotel interiors

Hotel inteiors must be well designed so that guests enjoy their stay. Entrance ways, reception, bedroom, bathroom, bar and other common areas – everything contrbutes to the overall impression for a hotel guest. Many different styles also exist of course, from classic to modern, budget, clean, minimalist and luxury. The design must match the wishes of potential guests as well as the location of the hotel, vision, and reputation etc.

Laminate Wrapped Cabinet Doors and Other Door Designs and Decorations

There are many different types and designs for a cabinet door. The design is usually dependent on the location of the cabinets. There is a different design for kitchen cabinet doors when compared to the cabinet doors of those that are found in the bedroom. The design is sometimes considered and is based from the style of the door. Laminate wrapped cabinet doors are a better option compared with stain cabinet doors which is located in the kitchen.

There are several designs and styles to decorate cabinet doors. The most common design is the wood veneer. This is a style wherein plywood or particleboard is glued together with a piece of solid wood to create a stronger piece of wood. This style of wood is better compared with a single solid wood. A wood veneer is more flexible than a solid wood; it shrinks and expands minimally during change of weather. This lessens the chances of cracking and splitting of the wood which is used for the cabinet.

Another way is to stain the cabinet. Staining the cabinet will add color to the cabinet which normally has a natural color. It will also make the wood glow more and even prevent early damages for the wood pieces. Another style which is almost similar to staining is painting. There are a lot of colors of paint available in the hardware. You can even mix your own color to achieve the right hue or darkness that you prefer. The paint color can make the cabinets look smooth or glossy, depending on type of paint used. The only disadvantage of painting the cabinets is that on later time, cracks will appear in areas like the joints. Cracks are due to the frequent shrinking and expanding of the solid wood during the change of weather conditions.

Another design is the laminate wrapped cabinet doors. This type has many advantages such as it is stain-resistant, durable and elastic and not difficult to clean. Plastic laminate has many designs and styles to choose from. Every part of your house can have a different style to go along with the theme for each room. It is also possible to decorate a plastic laminate with wood trims, stainless steel or even brass. There are those who can spend more that use solid-color laminate.

Polyester design is almost the same as the paint. The difference between the two is that polyester is more expensive and there is more effort needed to attain the expected result of the design which is either matte or glossy finish. Aside from these, the polyester creates more solid output because it fills the holes on the door.

Another design is the use of stainless steel to make the cabinets looks sleek and more elegant. Stainless steel requires low maintenance and is cheaper compared with other designs. It is also anti-corrosion and anti-stain. The stainless steel is available in many colors to fit the color of the room.

One more cabinet door design is glass. There are different types of glass to be used in this design. It can either have the ribbed design or the etched design. The etched design can likewise be vertical, diagonal or horizontal as long as it can keep the contents of the cabinet from directly seen. Aside from the design, the glass can also be turned into colored or simply clear.

Laminate wrapped cabinet doors and other door design and decorations depends on the taste of the client. This is also dependent on the budget as well as the place where the cabinet doors are located.

Kitchen Design and the Latest Trends

Just like any other form of interior design, kitchen design goes through its own trends and fashions. It may be shabby chic, or a return to the incredible design signatures of the 1950s, where the home was being influenced by science and technology (remember those ‘space age’ gadgets and polished stainless steel surfaces of that were all the rage after the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969?)

So what can we expect to be the hot new trends as we race past the predicted Mayan end of the world and headlong into 2013? Here Is five of the hottest tips for kitchen design and trends for next year – and how you can get the look for less!

#1 – Art Deco makes a comeback

The elegance of the 1920s and ’30s is making a big comeback and Art Deco design features will be huge next year, not just for kitchens but for interior design in general. Back in the kitchen acrylic doors emulate the ‘Bakelite’ look of the era and will be a big statement, as their high-gloss finish works perfectly with the clean, smooth lines associated with Deco design. Exotic wood veneers combined with polished steel trim will give any kitchen refurbishment that essential Deco look, for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement kitchen.

#2 – Radical Retro

Following on from the Deco theme, Retro is back for 2013 as designers look back to yesteryear for inspiration. Expect to see ornate finishings and bespoke touches such as decorative hinges, handles and knobs that can give even the simplest refurbishment a subtle and elegant design twist.

#3 – The clean look

The kitchen is the heart of any home and in 2013 focus is shifting back to this space and how we interact with it. That means kitchens will be seeing even more day to day activity, so wipe-clean surfaces and clutter-free worktops will be key to keeping any busy kitchen look great.

#4 – Waking up to wood

It’s not all acrylic doors and wipe-clean high gloss finishes; wood is still king of many kitchen designs, particularly if you’re going for a traditional Shaker style or country cottage look. However, choosing to replace your existing doors and drawers with wood doesn’t mean you have to forgo all the convenience of easy maintenance materials, as wood effect patterns also come in easy care vinyls too. So even a traditional look kitchen can be created with less expense than you might think.

#5 – Bold and bright

Don’t be afraid to break out of the mundane this year – go for bold and bright patterns and colours to really stamp individuality on your design. This particular look can, like all the other hot trends for 2013, be easily achieved with a simple refurbishment, rather than a complete make-over.

All of the latest design trends for 2013 are suitable for any type of kitchen, although if you really want to make the most of the space you’re working with and get a show-stopping effect, talk to a professional designer. They can sit down with you and give you an objective view of what is achievable, what will work (and what wont!) and how much it will cost. If you retain the basic structure of your existing kitchen and go for a refurbishment rather than a replacement, you can have a kitchen that looks as if it stepped straight out of an interior design magazine – and all for a fraction of the cost!