Laminate Wrapped Cabinet Doors and Other Door Designs and Decorations

There are many different types and designs for a cabinet door. The design is usually dependent on the location of the cabinets. There is a different design for kitchen cabinet doors when compared to the cabinet doors of those that are found in the bedroom. The design is sometimes considered and is based from the style of the door. Laminate wrapped cabinet doors are a better option compared with stain cabinet doors which is located in the kitchen.

There are several designs and styles to decorate cabinet doors. The most common design is the wood veneer. This is a style wherein plywood or particleboard is glued together with a piece of solid wood to create a stronger piece of wood. This style of wood is better compared with a single solid wood. A wood veneer is more flexible than a solid wood; it shrinks and expands minimally during change of weather. This lessens the chances of cracking and splitting of the wood which is used for the cabinet.

Another way is to stain the cabinet. Staining the cabinet will add color to the cabinet which normally has a natural color. It will also make the wood glow more and even prevent early damages for the wood pieces. Another style which is almost similar to staining is painting. There are a lot of colors of paint available in the hardware. You can even mix your own color to achieve the right hue or darkness that you prefer. The paint color can make the cabinets look smooth or glossy, depending on type of paint used. The only disadvantage of painting the cabinets is that on later time, cracks will appear in areas like the joints. Cracks are due to the frequent shrinking and expanding of the solid wood during the change of weather conditions.

Another design is the laminate wrapped cabinet doors. This type has many advantages such as it is stain-resistant, durable and elastic and not difficult to clean. Plastic laminate has many designs and styles to choose from. Every part of your house can have a different style to go along with the theme for each room. It is also possible to decorate a plastic laminate with wood trims, stainless steel or even brass. There are those who can spend more that use solid-color laminate.

Polyester design is almost the same as the paint. The difference between the two is that polyester is more expensive and there is more effort needed to attain the expected result of the design which is either matte or glossy finish. Aside from these, the polyester creates more solid output because it fills the holes on the door.

Another design is the use of stainless steel to make the cabinets looks sleek and more elegant. Stainless steel requires low maintenance and is cheaper compared with other designs. It is also anti-corrosion and anti-stain. The stainless steel is available in many colors to fit the color of the room.

One more cabinet door design is glass. There are different types of glass to be used in this design. It can either have the ribbed design or the etched design. The etched design can likewise be vertical, diagonal or horizontal as long as it can keep the contents of the cabinet from directly seen. Aside from the design, the glass can also be turned into colored or simply clear.

Laminate wrapped cabinet doors and other door design and decorations depends on the taste of the client. This is also dependent on the budget as well as the place where the cabinet doors are located.