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Top Kitchen Designs And Trends

Kitchens are unquestionably the heart of the home today, so you will justifiably want yours to appear at its best. Kitchen Case Studies in October 2014 issues asserts that, designing the kitchen has evolved into a very complicated science. While it was once a simple space for purely preparing your food, it has now turned to be the family hub in the house. It is today a place where people take wine as the food gets prepared, and where the kids take their breakfast as their sandwiches are getting stuffed in the lunchboxes.

Even if you really are not out for a whole kitchen re-do, a couple of trendy updates will certainly bring it up to date. Renovating will add ease and value to the home.

Utilize Top Quality Materials

Steer clear from drawers which are stapled together or produced from particleboard. For example, when it comes to the interiors of the cabinet, wood veneer has proved to be more durable when compared to laminate, melamine, MDF or even particleboard. Definitely, a remodel is no small matter and ought not to be taken in a hurry or casually. In an article for the Wall Street Journal titled The New Kitchen Design Trend: Wood Minimalism, Jen Renzi says that how you realize your “warm kitchen” will be dependent on the amount you are ready to spend and if you desire laminate or real wood.

Maintain Basic Appliances

Rather than go for too many gadgets and appliances, consider picking just a few dependable basics. For instance, a quality stainless-steel kitchen range will make an appealing focal kitchen point while also taking up lesser space when compared to a separate cooktop and wall ovens.

Pick a Stylish Countertop

Stained wood and white carrara marble add warmth and stylishness. Also suitable is honed Kirkstone slate, soapstone, Wiarton limestone, and plastic laminate having a wooden edge for that refined look.

Get an Island Which Works

Islands that offer an airy open look are more appealing. Be careful about placing a bulky kitchen island in the middle of that small room. Ideally, it ought to be unencumbered by lots of appliances, except the necessities such as perhaps a cooktop or dishwasher-sink combo.

Decide on Cabinet Heights

If for instance you have 8-foot ceilings, go for cabinets going up to the level of the ceiling. They supply extra storage space, which enables you to make use of the extra space on the walls for open shelves or artwork.

Don’t Exceed on the Details

Keep in mind that kitchen designs should be totally well-matched with the other home elements. Design tones like plaster mouldings on the cabinet fronts or pediments over the stoves could be indicative of decorative excesses.

Avert Nightmares in Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural surfaces having inbuilt texture such as slate, terra-cotta, tumbled marble and brick are more complex in cleaning though they hide that odd crumb. On the other hand, smooth surfaces coming in light colours, for example ceramic floors or white laminate kitchen counters are easy in cleaning but will show everything. It is not easy to keep stainless steel smudge-free.

Tips for Designing and Decorating an Open Floor Plan

It’s easy to fall in love with an open floor plan in a home. They’re great for entertaining, they’re great for watching kids while you’re trying to cook and most importantly, they give you an open, comfortable space to live in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re easy to decorate, especially when it comes to finding the right home accessories and decor, as well as finding the right home decor to blend the spaces, or perhaps separate them. Here are a few tips and tricks on finding the right home accessories and decorating your open floor plan space.

Determine the Function of the Space

Before you start buying any furniture (unless you already own the furniture,) you’ll want to stop and think about how you use the space or how you plan to use the space. Purchase furniture that serves the function of that particular space. For example, if it’s the eating area, you’ll obviously want to purchase a table and chairs. If you’re planning for lots of entertaining, be sure to purchase furniture that suits that particular need.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different furniture styles, either. Just because it’s an open concept space doesn’t mean that everything in the space needs to match perfectly. If you want a modern kitchen and dining space but a warm, comfortable space for watching movies, then go for it!

Accent Colors

Large, open spaces often mean utilizing a single wall color. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate accent colors into the space. Pick a neutral base color for your walls, then pick home accessories for each area in a different hue.

For example, if your base color for the space is a light gray hue, then you can choose turquoise for the kitchen accessories, red for the dining room accessories (placemats, candle holders, picture frames, etcetera,) and yellow for the home accessories for the living room. By utilizing a single wall color, you create a cohesive look. By utilizing different colored home accessories, you help define each individual space.

Adequate Lighting

It should go without saying that a larger, open floor plan will require more light than a traditional layout. With such a large space, you need to have plenty of lighting. Consider using the lighting formula, which will help you determine how much light you need for your space. The lighting formula multiplies the square footage of the room against the wattage (1.5).

For example, if your space is 25 by 20, that’s 500 square feet and when multiplied by the wattage, equals 750 watts. That means you need to have 750 watts to light the space. (A single ceiling fixture is typically 60 watts, while a lamp is 40 watts, just to give you an idea.)

Look at your light fixtures as additional home accessories to complete the space. Choose lamps, ceiling fixtures and other items that help compliment your home decor scheme, rather than compete with it.

Good luck, and happy decorating!

Designing and Decorating Hallways

The most neglected part of your well decorated house is the hallway. You have a set of modern furniture and fixtures to design your living room, bed room and kitchen. But how to make a boring long hallway interesting is a big question. You can’t put furniture in your hallway. It is meant only to connect the entrance with the living room or sometimes the living room with the bed room or kitchen. Still a long narrow hallway makes the journey dull and boring.

A simple tasteful design can change your hallway abruptly. The following advices may help to make a difference:

o Let the walls speak: Decorate the walls with a couple of family photos in a stylish manner. Or simple stencil your favorite quotation on the wall which can put an impact on your mood every time you pass through your hallway. You can also hang a piece of stitch work or a painting on the walls. But make it a point; the walls should not be overcrowded.

o Shades of joy: If you don’t like to put photos in the hallway walls, simply color them in a messy way to give a multi colored look. Or give your kids the freedom to do the job for you.

o Place a small table near the door only if there is enough space to walk even after putting the table. Keep a beautiful candle, a showpiece or a piece of art on the table. Keep a small vase and put some fresh flowers in it.

o Keep your hallway lighted preferably by sunlight. If you already have a window, that will serve your purpose. A skylight window will also do pretty well. If not, hang a decorative light fixture from the ceiling. It will definitely catch the eyes of the visitors.

o A hallway is never complete without a runner. Put chair rail all along the length of the hallway to give it a visual depth. Choose a floral design or an exotic design for the runner or simply color it bright.

o In case if you have a smaller hallway, fix a mirror in one wall to give it a bigger look.

o A small shoe rack with 3 to 4 nice pairs of shoes can be kept near the entrance. If you have a huge stock of shoes and boots its advisable to build a wall unit to accommodate all your shoes together.

o Select an eye catching longitudinal design for the flooring of your hallway, preferably in a pale shade.

o Keep the door entrance clean and beautiful. Do not throw rubbish outside the door. A couple of pots in either side of the doorway look good in the eyes of the visitor.

o Believe in simplicity. The most important aspect of a hallway is its cleanliness. Take out a few moments from your schedule to keep the rooms and the hallway clean and organized. A simple clean look adds more value than a messy decoration.